Gaining membership in The Thunderwheels is no easy ride. To be a official member, you must be able to ride a unicycle. This task ensures that only the best ever reach the coveted title of "Thunderwheel."

Honorary memberships are also allowed. To become an honorary member requires confirmation by unanimous vote of all full members. Unicycle ability is not necessary, but honorary members cannot vote.

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Official Members


George Barnes

Ride:   24" Quentin upgraded to a MUni
Location:   Iowa
E-mail:   gbarnes (at)

Claiming all of Iowa for Thunderwheels turf, George is headquartered in Iowa State University, where he founded the school's unicycling club. His impressive recruitment tactics ensure that Iowa, a strategic clutch-state, remains well under our control.

Will C

Ride:   24" Savage
Location:   California
E-mail:   hackitysackity (at)

Hailing from the San Fernando Valley, Will extends our turf to the porn capital of the world. He offers the Thunderwheels an undying, almost scary devotion to the sport of unicycling, and is possibly one of the world's first unicycle football players.

Tom Elmore

Ride:   24" with a blue seat
Location:   Medway, England
E-mail:   cliffelmore (at)

Tom grabbed the attention of the Thunderwheels by objecting violently to our claiming of Medway, SE England as part of our turf. We could see that Tom had guts and a bad attitude--just the kind of traits we look for in a Thunderwheel. So instead of anihiliating him without warning, we inducted him as a member.

Erik Erhardt

Ride:   26" Pashley, 36" Coker, 20" piece of junk
Location:   Keene, New Hampshire
Web site:

Erik had a list of junkie pickup drivers who were giving him trouble, so he turned to the momma of badass, fear-inspiring modes of transportation--the unicycle. Ever since he pulled his Coker out, truckers tread very carefully around him. His powerful leadership and fiery guts have gained him several proteges in his town of Keene, New Hampshire, who will undoubtedly soon be recruited into the gang.

Ryan Faeley

Ride:   20" Dodger
Location:   Scotland
E-mail:   borris7a (at)

Ryan Faeley brings with him Scotland, thus marking the halfway point on our conquest of the United Kingdom. Wales, look out. The Thunderwheels are coming to your neighborhood next.

John Foss

Ride:   Anything from a 12" to a 45"
Location:   California
E-mail:   jfoss (at)

Also known as the infamous "Uni-cyclone," John Foss is a unicycle gang veteran, having rolled with a unicycle gang in the late 70s/early 80s. Most of the members are now either in jail or dead--in jail for riding on sidewalks and in the mall, and dead from sumo matches and riding off cliffs. He is President of the International Unicycle Federation.

Joe Graf

Ride:   20'' savage
Location:   West Philadelphia
E-mail:   josephh.graff (at)

Joe Graff and his three friends, Nick, Kevin, and Kazzie have been terrorizing the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia--an area dangerously close to the Thunderwheels HQ locations. He and his formidable pals did the wise thing and joined those they couldn't beat. Now they make the Thunderwheels stronger.

Simon Greenway

Ride:   24" DM/26" DMATU
Location:   England
E-mail:   simon.greenway (at)
Homepage:   Idiots On Unicycles

Simon Greenway lives in England and is a memeber of IOU (Idiots on Unicycles). Recently, he declared war on The Thunderwheels. In response, we have made him a member of our ranks, and therefore, we consider where he lives and all his fellow members live our turf. Now we simply wait as their faction crumbles in internal power struggles.


Ride:   20", 24", 5'giraffe
Location:   Johannesburg, South Africa
E-mail:   unigild (at)

GILD offers the Thunderwheels his undying loyalty from the strategic continent of Africa, expanding our turf immensely. Besides that, he has the compelling ability to talk trash without a moment's hesitation.

Aj Greig

Ride:   Coker
Location:   Austin, Texas
E-mail:   onewheelcynic (at)

Aj is our distance athlete, which comes in handy on marathon rampages across the globe. Nowhere in the world is safe from Aj's reach.

Wendi Holden

Ride:   20" Schwinn and a Telford Muni 26" Standard
Location:   Memphis, Tennessee
E-mail:   wendih (at)

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Wendi has been strategically chosen to help us initiate our expansion into the Southeastern US. She has been riding for twenty years and her name strikes fear into the hearts of those who ride on the mountain trails. Also, she is venomously clinched on promoting bike and helmet safety for Mid-South Safe Kids Coalition. Don't even THINK about crossing her path without your bike helmet, ESPECIALLY not up in the mountains where no one can hear you scream.

Bill Hughes

Ride:   20" & 24" Savage, Coker, Miyata Giraffe
Location:   Bremerton, Washington
E-mail:   atheris (at)
Homepage:   where

Bill helped us expand our turf to include the Pacific Northwest. Recently he broke his wrist in a tragic muni accident, so you can tell he is hardcore. He once rode 50 miles during a Florida heatwave "because it was there." Right on!!

Josh X

Ride:   24"
Location:   Florida
E-mail:   b1ack1nk (at)

Josh has control over Florida, where we are amassing power in accordance with plans to launch an eventual invasion of Cuba.

Kazzie X

Ride:   20" Schwinn
Location:   West Philadelphia

Kazzie and her three friends, Nick, Kevin, and Joe have been terrorizing the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia--an area dangerously close to the Thunderwheels HQ locations. She and her formidable pals did the wise thing and joined those they couldn't beat. Now they make the Thunderwheels stronger.

Kevin X

Ride:   24'' Yuni MUni
Location:   West Philadelphia

Kevin and his three friends, Joe, Nick, and Kazzie have been terrorizing the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia--an area dangerously close to the Thunderwheels HQ locations. He and his formidable pals did the wise thing and joined those they couldn't beat. Now they make the Thunderwheels stronger.

Dan Kulp

Ride:   24" Schwinn
Location:   Pittsburgh and Mount Joy, PA
E-mail:   dkulp (at)

Possessing the uncanny skill of being able to make tinfoil rings and paper clips, Dan has been a most formiddable addition to the Thunderwheels.

Tony Lastowka

Ride:   Semcycle 24"
Location:   Philadelphia, PA
E-mail:   thunderwheels (at)

Tony Lastowka learned to ride a unicycle during the final week of July 1997, late at night in front of Steve Matthews' house. As one of the four original members of The Thunderwheels, he has been a major player in the gang's development as of yet. He is also the official webmaster for the Thunderwheels, a position which he takes very seriously.

Ed Latimer

Ride:   Torker (Stealth), 24"
Location:   Pittsburgh, PA
E-mail:   edlatimer (at)

Ed is an expert in robotics hailing from Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute, which gives us a dangerous technological edge over our enemies. Three words: Killer Unicycle Robots.

Tammy Marsh

Ride:   24" Cyclepro
Location:   South Dakota
E-mail:   dagohbahyoda (at)
Homepage:   Marsh sisters's homepage

Tammy is the first person to join The Thunderwheels who no other member knew existed when the whole thing began. Having allowed us to expand outside of our immediate group of friends, she has already brought a legitamacy to The Thunderwheels that we never had before. She is editor of On One Wheel unicycling magazine along with her sister, Tanya.

Tanya Marsh

Ride:   24" Cyclepro
Location:   South Dakota
E-mail:   tanyamarsh (at)
Homepage:   Marsh sisters's homepage

Tanya Marsh is the sister of Tammy Marsh. They both applied for admission on the same day, but Tanya was added a day later because the internet stole her application. Truth to be told, no members were consulted before adding Tanya, because it would have taken time that could be better spent unicycling. With her sister, Tammy, she edits On One Wheel unicycling magazine.

Sean McBride

Ride:   24" Cyclepro
Location:   Philadelphia, PA
E-mail:   thunderwheelsho (at)
Homepage:   Sean McBride

Sean McBride was not only the first President of the United States, but he was also the first person to unicycle to the moon. Nowadays he has become a bloodthirsty unicycling guru, intent on taking over the world on his own terms. He is one of the four Thunderwheels founders, and has assumed the position of gang leader since Steve's resignation.

Lauren McCloud

Ride:   24" Semcycle, 24" Cyclepro, 24" Miyata, 6' Schwinn
Location:   Falls Church, Virginia
E-mail:   laurenmc (at)

Lauren has helped us conquer a state very sensitive the U.S.: Viriginia. Her access to the nation's capital leaves Washington D.C. teetering precariously on the edge of unicycle mayhem. Lauren had already made a reputation for herself in her area but found it in her best interest to join a unicycle gang with global contacts to back her up.

Brian A. Meley

Ride:   20" Schwinn, 26" DMATU, Sem-Cycle XL 3-wheeler, 20" inch SemCycle Monty trials
Location:   Harpers Ferry, and Frederick, MD
E-mail:   booger3368 (at)

Claiming two states for the Thunderwheels, Brian makes daily rampages across the Maryland-West Virginia border. Of course this is in direct defiance of police orders to confine his unicycling to Harpers Ferry, but Thunderwheels never seem to work well with authority.

Chuck Moulton

Ride:   20" Savage
Location:   Blue Bell, PA
E-mail:   chuck (at)

In the summer of 1997, Chuck Moulton saw that Sean, Tony and Steve had all learned to ride unicycles, and in the normal Chuck fashion, promptly learned so that they wouldn't feel so uncool. The last time we checked, he was finally getting the hang of it so we don't mock him too much. Chuck is also one of the four founding members, and even claims it was his idea.

Nick X

Ride:   20'' nameless
Location:   West Philadelphia

Nick is the leader of his three friends, Joe, Kevin, and Kazzie, who have been terrorizing the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia--an area dangerously close to the Thunderwheels HQ locations. He and his formidable pals did the wise thing and joined those they couldn't beat. Now they make the Thunderwheels stronger.

Julian Higuerey Nuñez

Ride:   Miyata 20", Bridgestone 18", Summit 20" Trials
Location:   Caracas, Venezuela
E-mail: tremere76 (at)

Julian's induction heralded the acquisition of key continent, South America. He has a strong following there, of unicycle disciples to whom he teaches the dark arts of unicycling.

Amelia Odens

Ride:   'Toto,' a 20" Schwinn and 'The Mach Five,' a 24" Schwinn
Location:   South Dakota
E-mail:   unigirl126 (at)

Amelia had the persistence to apply over and over again, despite our chronic ignoring of her existence. Her loyalty to the cause made her stand out among the millions of Thunderwheels applications we receive each year. The clincher, however, is the fact that she knows exactly how many ridges there are on the outside ridge of a U.S. dime. If you let her use your body for jumping practice, maybe she'll let you in on the Coveted Secret of the Dime.

Chance Redfern

Ride:   24" Savage
Location:   Marietta, Georgia
E-mail:   zongoboy (at)

Having produced an impressive array of volumes on the art of war, Chance is a renowned military genius. He has been recruited into the Thunderwheels stratetgic intelligence wing.

Darrel Royter

Ride:   24" Semcycle XL
Location:   New Hampshire
E-mail:   darrel (at)

Darrel got his start in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire--one of the toughest towns in the state, infamous for its iron-clad antique shops. Together with Erik Erhardt, he has solidified our claim on this state, as well as a diverse smattering of cities across the United States. You can catch him setting the streets ablaze with his patented Mule Kick maneuver.

Jim Rybarski

Ride:   24" Schwinn, black, black as his soul
Location:   Texas
E-mail:   kurten41331 (at)

Jim, a native Texan, has illegally taken over Texas (following the U.S.'s example), declaring himself totalitarian leader of it. The Thunderwheels use Amarillo for their pleasure riding, as it is most exhilirating in the springtime.


Ride:   24" Cyclepro
Location:   South Dakota
E-mail:   tauscha (at)

Sarah is yet another member to solidify our claim of South Dakota.

Ben Sarten

Ride:   a unicycle
Location:   New Zealand
E-mail:   imgoing2killu69 (at)

Based in New Zealand, Ben is helping us plan the conquest of the entire contient of Australia. He is a master at executing jumps, dropping on and off of posts, and crank climbing. The moderate fame he claimed to enjoy before contacting us skyrocketed once he joined the world-infamous Thunderwheels. Now his countless, star-crazed fans bang at his door day and night. It's hard being in a nefarious unicycle gang.

Trevor Schofield

Ride:   20" trick uni, and a 26"
Location:   England
E-mail:   timmy.mcdoogle (at)

Trevor cements our claim on England with his badass unicycle trickster style. Don't mess with this guy.

Julie S.

Ride:   24" Schwinn
Location:   Carlisle, PA

Showing that The Thunderwheels have more tools than fear and beatings to get their way, Julie recently tricked the wife of her 8th grade art teacher into trading her quality 24" Schwinn for Julie's paltry 'Savage' 20". Some would say it was because the woman's kid couldn't fit on a 24", and needed something smaller than the Schwinn(a gift), but I think we all know the truth. Julie also has many inanimate objects. Avoid her at all costs.

Johnny Taylor

Ride:   24" Schwinn
Location:   Enfield, Connecticut
E-mail:   monkeyspaz (at)

Not only does Johnny control the notoriously gang warfare-torn state of Connecticut, he has also seen the Pokemon episode with unicycling in it. In addition to that, he can do the Brain Twister and Rock the Baby tricks on the yo-yo. As if that weren't even enough, it has also been reported that his mom says he is cool. Clearly not the Thunderwheel member anyone wants to even think about crossing.

Alice Teeple

Ride:   20" Semcycle (lusting after a 24" Miyata)
Location:   State College, PA
E-mail:   act (at)
Homepage:   Exquisite Dead Guy

Alice is as rough and ready as any other Thunderwheel, and she's got the unicycling scars to prove it. Thunderwheels can have a soft side as well, though, as Alice proves in her role as Official Thunderwheel Oatmeal Cookie Chef.

Ashley Thompson

Ride:   'a crappy 24" Mathews, but with style'
Location:   South Dakota
E-mail:   aathomps (at)

Ashley is no less than the THIRD member from South Dakota, bringing the South Dakota wing of the Thunderwheels to such a point that it begins to rival the original Pennsylvania unit. Our influence is growing. AhAHhaHaHAHhahahAHaHhahaHHAa.

Leo Vandewoestijne

Ride:   20" Semcycle
Location:   Amsterdam / Las Vegas, Nevada
E-mail:   leo (at)

Leo commands a huge arsenal of creative unicycle tricks that you will not see anywhere else, making him a most valuable addition to the Thunderwheels. His website is an extravaganza of Flash animation and unicycle madness.

Pending Members


Honorary Members