The Thunderwheels is the only officially recognized unicycle gang in the world. Based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, we promise a reign of unicycle terror, the likes of which the world has never seen. Not afraid? You will be.

     Our membership already spans three continents and continues to spread like a cloud of poisionous gas. If you are thinking of starting another unicycle gang anywhere in the world, please feel free to contact us to discuss a possible turf war. We would like to point out that there are many other unicycle "clubs" worldwide. We do not wish to be confused with them.

Breaking News:

March 13th, 2004: The Thunderwheels have relased an official statement in regards to the Virginia rebellion. (Press Release)

March 9th, 2004: The Thunderwheels reach the attention of the major internet site,! (Press Release)

February 15th, 2004: 3 Thunderwheels members interviewed for a major newspaper! (Press Release)

January, 2004: The Thunderwheels aquire a member in Venezuela, spreading our membership to another continent! (Press Release)

Oh yeah, you can get a tshirt here if you want. Buy them now, because they'll cost twice as much once we conquer the world and make them manadatory!